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Fri, Jan. 20th, 2006, 08:58 pm
mom_of_ethan: new member

Hi. My son and I are nursing, pumping, and supplementing. I have overactive letdown and low supply, and my son has gastroesophogal reflux disease (GERD). Right now we nurse at night, and I pump and bottle-feed all day, but I can't quite seem to pump enough for his growing demands. We average 4 oz a day of soy formula and I avoid all dairy, since he also has a dairy intolerance. Ethan Bradley is 4.5 months old and the best thing to ever happen to me!

Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006 02:07 am (UTC)

Aaliyah has dairy allergies as well. You are lucky you are able to pump during the day and feed him it. I can't pump hardly anything and my supply is slowly dwindling out. I used to feed her formula 25% of the time, then 50, and now like 75. It's horrible, I hate it. But there is nothing I can do, that I am not already doing.