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Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself:

My name is Sheana. I am a 21 yeah old married mother to a beautiful 4 1/2 month old baby girl. She was exclusively breastfed for the first 3 months of her life. Due to my PCOS, my supply slowly dropped from the time my milk came in, and continues to drop. I was always *very* against formula and refused to give it to my child even though she had only gained 2 pounds in 3 months of her life. Finally I was told that if I did not give her formula, she would have to be hospitalized because she was failing to thrive. The first time I had to give her a bottle of formula, I cried my eyes out. I sat there and watched her guzzle the formula, after screaming in hunger for 3 hours as I desperately tried to get her to drink from my breast and her not being able to get a single drop. I kept telling myself that I was not dried up, that she just was having a hard tiem getting it.

From that moment on, i have had to deal with giving my daughter the thing I loathed with a passion; formula. I have since come to terms with it and realized that it was either give her formula, or her get *VERY* ill. She is now a healthy 13 pounds 8 ounces (yey for finally being in the 50 percentisle after being in the 25th her whole life) and just thriving. Her skin is a healthy pink now, insteaad of the pale white. Her body has little chubby roles now, as apposed to being skinny.

I know you may read this and think, why the hell did you let it get that bad? Honesly, in retrospect, I feel horrible for waiting so long. But I thought formula was "shit in a can" and if she had any, she would die, or be obese, or have diabetes (you know, all the things "boob nazis" inform us are risks of formula feeding). I kept telling myself that she was just a skinny baby and everything was fine. But after being born 9 pounds 3 ounces and then only being 9 pounds 15 ounces at 3 months (she lost down to 8 pounds right after birth and then gained back slowly), I was faced with the reality that breastfeeding alone was not going to keep her alive.

I am glad that "boob nazis" gave me all the information about formula. I got 3 wonderful months of exclusive breastfeeding because of their information. Prior to pregnancy, I thought that formula feeding was normal and just planned on doing it. I even bought bottles and pacifiers when I first found out I was pregnant. It wasn't until the "boob nazis" informed me on breastfeeding and how that was normal and best for your baby.

Formula feeding should not be made to be a shameful thing, and I realize that now. The information shuld be put out there: yes, it is sub-par to breatmilk. But it should also be known that it is acceptable to feed it to your child as a source of nutrients. We should encourage breatfeeding! I am all for breastfeeding and think all women should at least try it for the sake of their children. But those who formula feed should not be made to feel like they are inferior for feeding it.

I welcome every one of you to this community. I hope that we can find acceptance and tolerance in this community. Please introduce yourselves and tell as a little about your experiance in supplementing. (Preferably as it's own post so other members can get to know you). Please invite any of yoru friends who breastfeed, formula feed and supplement to join. We can use women from all parenting styles to help give advice and support.


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Hi. My son and I are nursing, pumping, and supplementing. I have overactive letdown and low supply, and my son has gastroesophogal reflux disease (GERD). Right now we nurse at night, and I pump and bottle-feed all day, but I can't quite seem to pump enough for his growing demands. We average 4 oz a day of soy formula and I avoid all dairy, since he also has a dairy intolerance. Ethan Bradley is 4.5 months old and the best thing to ever happen to me!

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